Power Generation Cables

Control Flex Cable

Control flex cables are designed to measure, design or regulate in the field of process automation.

LV Power Cable

Overview Low Voltage Power Cables, Aluminum and Copper conductors of voltage range:0.6/1.0 kV Cable Types Copper Conductor Cables Aluminium Conductor Cables Thermoplastic/ PVC Insulated Cables Thermoset/XLPE Insulated Cables Armoured/ Non - Armoured Cables Single core...

Mines & Quarries Cables

A number of different types of cables are used in mines. There are fixed mining cables and portable mining cables, the latter being described here.

Power Medium Voltage Cable

Overview Medium power cables have voltage grade greater than 1 kV. Medium voltage usually goes up to 46 kV. Medium Voltage distribution systems begin at substations and supply electricity to a wide spectrum of power consumers. When selecting a cable, the basic aim is...

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